Fishing By the Light of the Ancestors

This is Allison’s second album featuring songs from around the world, arranged anCover_500pxwd produced by husband, Don Macdonald. This time out the listener is treated to arrangements that rely heavily on string quartet in pieces from Africa, Haiti, Cuba, Russia, Ireland and more..

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Adrift in an ocean

at the edge of the world,

I wait as those who came before me

cradle the moon in their hands.

They press the moon up above them

until, at last, it is held high in their outstretched arms

and  I cast my line into the water

down through their reflections.


“Resonance” is Allison’s debut CD collaboration with composer and husband Don Macdonald. It combines traditional music from around the world (Irish, American, Sephardic, Canadian, French and Jamaican) with beautiful new arrangements that honour the timelessness of both the tunes and the lyrics.

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This piece composed by Don Macdonald features Allison singing with a 20 member string ensemble and solo oboe. Click on the link.